half-eyeThe ongoing excavations and restorations have revealed a huge place, a real city. Starting from the top of the mountain with the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus (from where you can see all the Messinian plain and the bay as far as Koroni and when you turn your back you see the smokestacks of the electricity power plant in Megalopolis) the ancient city “embraces” a large area, today called the village Ancient Messina (Mauromati). Many of the houses were built with stones from the ancient and later Roman / Byzantine / early Christian settlement. Going down the valley, you find yourself in the main city, perfectly structured, full of important buildings such as:

Fortification - The Arcadian gate

The Theatre - The Arsinoe fountain house

The Agora

The Asclepieion


The Cross Road

The Stadium and Gymnasium - Heroon

The Sanctuaries of Ithomi



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